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Walker Capital Berhad is a capital operation company that specializes in investing in potential businesses. We offer profit opportunities to individuals who are interested, helping them achieve financial freedom, physical and mental well-being, and family harmony. Walker Capital Berhad是一家专注于投资潜力企业的资本运营公司,为有兴趣的个人提供盈利机会,实现财务自由、身心健康和家庭和谐

At Walker Capital Berhad, we are a leading capital operation company dedicated to investing in enterprises with exceptional potential. We firmly believe in providing opportunities for individuals to not only achieve financial success but also experience overall well-being and harmony within their families. By focusing on equity financing, we offer a platform for ambitious entrepreneurs to thrive and share in the profits of their ventures.
在Walker Capital Berhad,我们是一家领先的资本运营公司,致力于投资具有杰出潜力的企业。我们坚信,通过专注于股权融资,我们不仅可以为个人创造财务成功的机会,还可以让他们在家庭中体验整体的福祉和和谐。通过提供平台,我们为雄心勃勃的企业家创造了繁荣的生态系统,分享他们的风险和回报。 

As a specialized equity financing and capital operation company, Walker Capital Berhad is committed to negotiating investments in promising projects. Our team of seasoned professionals possesses extensive expertise in evaluating and identifying high-potential enterprises across various industries. By aligning our investments with the long-term success of our partners, we foster mutually beneficial relationships and strive to achieve remarkable outcomes together.

作为一家专门从事股权融资和资本运营的公司,Walker Capital Berhad致力于在有前途的项目中进行投资。我们的团队拥有丰富的经验和专业知识,可以评估和识别不同行业中具有高潜力的企业。通过将投资与我们合作伙伴的长期成功相结合,我们建立了互惠互利的关系,并努力一起实现卓越的结果。

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Mergers and Acquisitions or Joint Ventures



Our Vision

To be a leading global capital operation company, empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals and create lasting prosperity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and invest in high-potential businesses, providing them with the necessary resources and expertise to thrive. We strive to deliver superior returns to our stakeholders while promoting a culture of integrity, innovation, and social responsibility. By fostering a collaborative environment and forging strong partnerships, we aim to drive sustainable growth and make a positive impact on the economy and society as a whole.




  • Mission: To provide a boundless platform for success.

  • Vision: Rooted in the local, building a team, and moving towards internationalization.

  • Infinity Corporation leverages a seamless integration of online and offline resources, creating cross-border traffic, and offering a boundaryless business matchmaking internet app platform for talent recruitment, value expansion, and profit-sharing.

  • Infinity Corporation consolidates consumer groups from Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand to establish cross-border traffic, generating inflow, outflow, and retention effects. Our app is designed to become an essential application on every individual’s phone, providing convenient services for health, beauty, offline shopping, and online purchases. Various brands can join our online shopping mall to sell their products globally.

  • Infinity Corporation’s vision is to penetrate and explore the consumer markets of Malaysia, China, and Asia within one year. In the initial phase, our goals include building a team, recruiting talents, acquiring companies, and expanding our influence. In the medium term, we aim to achieve a turnover of 3 billion RMB within three years. Eventually, we plan to expand beyond Southeast Asia. Our purpose is to foster a profit-sharing environment, establish a capable team, recruit talents, acquire companies, and broaden our impact.

  • 使命: 提供无疆界成功平台
  • 远景: 立足本土 创造团队  迈向国际
  • 爱无限公司如何通过整合线上线下资源,打造跨国流量,提供无疆界的商业对接互联网APP引流平台,招募人才,铺路增值,共享盈利。
  • 我们将整合马来西亚、中国、台湾、新加坡和泰国的消费群体,构建跨国流量,制造引流、锁流和回流效应。将我们的APP打造成每个人手机必备的长驻应用,为健康与美丽、线下购物和网上购物提供便捷服务。各个品牌可以加入线上购物商城,将自家产品销售至各国各地。
  • 我们的愿景是在1年内进军和开拓马来西亚、中国和亚洲的消费市场。前期目标是建立团队,招募人才,收购公司,铺路增值。中期目标是三年内实现30亿人民币的营业额。后期目标是拓展至东南亚以外的国家。我们的目的是通过共享盈利,建立团队,招募人才,收购公司,铺路增值



  • HELLO BITE SDN BHD was established as a chain store company located in Malaysia. The company’s flagship brand, HELLO BITE, combines unique beverages and food with an innovative consumer system. Building upon the integration of online and offline resources, the company developed a brand-new app that includes features such as recharge, payment, and a lottery mode, offering an unrestricted promotional platform.

  • HELLO BITE adopts a standardized and centralized business branding model, aiming to blend affordability with luxury. With the assistance of technology, our recharge and payment functions effectively engage customers, increase brand recognition, and elevate the company’s value. By providing valuable products for exchange, we attract a diverse consumer group and conduct intelligent online lucky draw promotions.
  • HELLO BITE’s significant advantage lies in its professional team, encompassing brand strategists, company trainers, marketing experts, researchers, technology specialists, and logistics personnel, ensuring comprehensive support for our operations.  Our diverse range of products, including trending delicacies and in-house specialties (desserts, beverages), emphasizes strategic experiential creation and utilizes creative marketing strategies to make the brand truly captivating.

  • HELLO BITE SDN BHD是一家位于马来西亚的连锁商店公司。HELLO BITE作为该公司旗下首个品牌,以独特的饮料和食品结合创新的消费体系,在线上线下资源整合的基础上,打造了全新的APP开发,包含充值功能、支付功能和抽奖模式,并提供无限制的促销活动平台。

  • HELLO BITE 采用标准化和集中化的商业品牌模式,旨在将平价奢华融为一体。通过科技辅助,我们的充值功能和支付功能能够锁定顾客,增加品牌知名度,同时打造公司的价值。我们提供兑换价值的产品,吸引更多消费群体,并举办线上抽奖智能促销活动。
  • HELLO BITE 拥有专业团队是我们的重要优势,我们拥有品牌策划团队、公司培训导师、营销团队、研发团队、技术团队以及物流团队,确保我们的业务得到全面支持。
  • HELLO BITE 的产品种类多姿多彩,包括网红食品和自家食品(甜品、饮料),HELLO BITE 注重策略性打造消费者的体验感,并采用创意营销策略,让品牌更加引人注目。



  • HELLO INFINITY is not just a business matchmaking factory but also your prime choice for discovering high-quality local product collaborations in the Asian market. We specialize in connecting businesses with a wide range of local products, including beverages, food items, health, and beauty-care products, with a strong focus on promoting import and export activities.

  • At HELLO INFINITY, we take pride in our customer-centric approach, providing central kitchen services to HELLO BITE. Our mission is to create internationally acclaimed, delectable cuisines and beverages that leave a lasting impression on our clients, delivering an unforgettable taste experience.

    Paragraph 3:
    Furthermore, HELLO INFINITY serves as a product transit warehouse, facilitating the resale of products to mainland China and acting as an intermediary for exports to China. We offer manufacturers a seamless platform to reach the vast Chinese market, streamlining the process.

  • Additionally, HELLO INFINITY extends its services to production facilities under various collaborative platforms. This includes factory tours, production line inspections, investment opportunities, and the creation of marketing platforms. We seamlessly integrate tourism with business operations, achieving a perfect synergy between travel and commerce.

  • HELLO INFINITY,不仅仅是一家商业对接工厂,更是您在亚洲市场寻找本土优质商品合作的不二之选。我们专注于连接商家与各类本土产品,涵盖饮料、食品、大健康和美容保健品等领域,致力于促进进出口贸易。

  • HELLO INFINITY公司以客户至上的理念而自豪,为HELLO BITE提供中央厨房服务。我们的使命是打造跨国特色的美食和饮品,为客户带来令人陶醉的口味享受,让他们流连忘返。

  • 此外,HELLO INFINITY还担当产品中转仓库的角色,为出口到中国大陆的商品提供中介服务。我们为制造商提供了一个高效的转销平台,为他们进军庞大的中国市场提供便捷的通道。

  • 更进一步地,HELLO INFINITY公司为各合作平台旗下各品牌的生产工厂提供旅游和观厂服务。我们提供生产线巡视,投资机会以及创建市场平台的支持,将旅游与业务运营巧妙地融为一体,实现了旅游与商业的完美衔接。

    HELLO INFINITY – 开启无限可能,成为您在充满活力的亚洲市场扩展业务和推广产品的可信合作伙伴。



  • Through the establishment of LINKAGE APP, the app brings numerous benefits to chain stores. Firstly, the app provides recharge and payment functions, allowing customers to conveniently make online and offline payments for shopping and dining services. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also increases the frequency of consumption and customer loyalty, helping chain stores boost their revenue.
  • Secondly, LINKAGE APP’s unrestricted Lucky Draw promotions bring more surprises and enjoyment to consumers. By participating in the lucky draw, customers can receive additional discounts, gifts, or vouchers, which not only stimulate their desire to purchase but also attract more traffic and new customers to the chain stores, thereby increasing exposure and brand awareness.
  • Most importantly, LINKAGE APP achieves efficient integration of online and offline resources. By closely combining online and offline businesses, we create an innovative consumer system, providing customers with consistent shopping experiences and service quality across different scenarios. This integration helps chain stores improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and provide them with more marketing and promotional opportunities. Therefore, LINKAGE APP creates broader business opportunities for chain stores, enabling them to stand out in the fiercely competitive market, and achieve sustained growth, and success.
  • 借助成立LINKAGE APP,我们为连锁店带来了诸多益处。首先,我们提供充值功能和支付功能,使顾客能够方便快捷地进行线上线下支付,无论是购物还是享受餐饮服务,都变得更加便捷与高效。这不仅提升了顾客的满意度,还带来了更高的消费频率和忠诚度,助力连锁店提升营业额。
  • 其次,LINKAGE的无限制抽奖促销活动为消费者带来了更多惊喜和乐趣。通过参与抽奖,顾客可以获得额外优惠、礼品或者兑换券,这不仅激发了他们的购买欲望,还为连锁店吸引更多流量和新客户,增加了曝光度和知名度。
  • 最重要的是,LINKAGE APP实现了线上线下资源的高效整合。通过将线上和线下业务紧密结合,我们打造了创新的消费体系,让消费者可以在不同场景中获得一致的购物体验和服务质量。这种整合帮助连锁店提高了运营效率,降低了成本,同时也为他们提供了更多营销和推广的机会。因此,LINKAGE APP为连锁店创造了更广阔的商业机遇,让他们能够在激烈的市场竞争中脱颖而出,实现持续增长和成功。

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