About Us

Pointer is a boutique business consulting firm dedicated to providing businesses and entrepreneurs with high value strategic advice and helping them to create the growth that matter most to them.

We advise leaders on business planning, cash flow management, capital fundraising, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, structuring and investment management.
As a consulting firm, our philosophy is work side by side with the business owners to customize and curate the right strategy and identify the right solutions and right partners for the company to grow to the next level.

Comprehensive one-stop corporate and financial solution

Corporate Finance Consulting

Business Consulting

Outsourcing Support

Fundraising Advisory

Financial Analytics

Alternative Financing

Our Vision

To provide a comprehensive one-stop corporate and finance solution for start-up and SME companies to grow to a greater height, where the entrepreneurs can work together with us to discover solution to scale.

Our Mission

We strive to customize bespoke corproate and financial solution for each and every business owner and management.



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